How to Maintain Tempered Glass Cover

2021-05-20 1537

Toughened glass cover is loved by more and more families because of its beautiful shape, easy cleaning and durability. So, what problems should be paid attention to in the daily use of tempered glass cover? How to maintain it?

1. Do not use sharp objects to impact or impact the glass appearance to avoid damage.

2. Do not scrub the glass surface with the corrosive liquids of Tianna water to avoid damaging the appearance luster;

3. Do not scrub the glass with rough materials to avoid scratches. Maintenance of aluminium alloy frame.

Electrostatic spraying products (referring to white, bone, blue, yellow, red, purple and other solid spraying products); first of all, to avoid direct sunlight and exposure, because resin materials and color base powder will occur photosensitive reflection, forming the fading of spraying layer; second, can not be used corrosive liquid or materials for scrubbing; third, rough materials (including toothpaste) can not be used to scrub the appearance, fourth, can not be used to describe with sharp objects. Writing appearance.