Environmentally friendly tempered glass cover has become a new favorite in kitchen

2021-05-20 1572

I've seen glass cups and bowls, so I'm sure I haven't used tempered glass caps. On the occasion of New Year's Day, relatives and friends come from home to house. They can't eat all over the world. They also need to show their cooking skills at home at the right time. If you add some clear glass kitchen utensils, you will surely make your relatives and friends curious.

Glass cookers become rich protagonists

In recent years, glassware began to enter the kitchen, from pots to tableware, and then to storage utensils, step by step to become the leading role, and let your food really achieve "color, fragrance, taste" complete.

Food previously stuffy in the pot can be seen through a clear pot, the process of food from raw to cooked, become a pleasant sight in the kitchen; the original uniform ceramic tableware, replaced by a clear bowl and dish, makes people move greatly; the original plastic food storage box, also changed into a clear and visible glass material.

According to reports, glass cookers are made of special glass-ceramics and heat-resistant glass. The temperature difference of glass-ceramics can reach 500 degrees Celsius. The tableware made of glass-ceramics can be used for frying, cooking, steaming and steaming various family cooking needs.

Environmental protection and low pollution of glass cookers

Guangdong people love to cook soup, but they do not know that the selection of cooker is very important. Copper pot contains a lot of copper ions, stainless steel pot contains a lot of nickel and chromium ions, iron pot contains a lot of iron ions, sand pot contains many harmful impurities, and ceramic tableware simply absorbs oil pollution. The pots and tableware made of glass are generally of high density and do not absorb grease. Boiling soup can preserve the original taste of the soup, and it is also relatively simple to clean compared with the metal pot.

It is worth mentioning that tempered glass cover can greatly reduce cooking fume in the kitchen because of its heat-resistant characteristics. It is also because of heat resistance, so it also has a certain degree of thermal insulation performance, and then saves food cooking time and gas consumption, for savvy teachers and grandmothers is indeed a good choice.