The tempered glass cover will break if the temperature difference is too large.

2021-05-20 1604

Often busy in the kitchen, citizens are unavoidable to contact all kinds of tempered glass cover. Little wonder, glass raw materials have different classifications, a little improper use, there may be potential safety hazards, sudden burst and other accidents.

According to experts, the quality of toughened glass cover depends on raw materials. The Market Kitchen tempered glass cover according to the different raw materials, dividend general glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass three types. Generally glass has the disadvantage of "fragility"; toughened glass is often used in automobile glass, bathroom partition, telephone booth, etc., but it also has its own inevitable disadvantage, that is, when the ambient temperature changes suddenly, it may break. In this regard, there have been many reports about the sudden bursting of tempered glass caps in domestic and foreign media. It is reported that Japan has suspended the production of tableware with toughened glass as raw material.

"In order to make customers use safer, more convenient and more environmentally friendly, we have introduced Glass series heat-resistant tempered glass cover." Kitchen utensils experts said that, unlike tempered glass, the heat-resistant glass used in this series of utensils contains high-temperature boric acid, even withstanding the huge temperature difference between "ice and fire" days, it is not harmful. "The most remarkable difference is that tempered glass tableware may break because of changes in ambient temperature, but even if it has just been taken out of the refrigeration room, heat-resistant glass tableware can be directly put into the microwave oven for heating. There is no need to worry about the glass breaking caused by excessive temperature difference."