Why does tempered glass cover explode spontaneously

2021-05-20 1612

There are many reasons for the bursting of tempered glass cover, which can be briefly summarized as follows:

1. The influence of glass quality defect: The part of glass containing stones and impurities is the weak point of tempered glass and also the stress gathering place. Especially if the stone is located in the tensile stress zone of tempered glass, it is an important factor leading to bursting. Stones exist in glass and have different expansion coefficients from vitreous bodies. After tempering, the stress in the crack area around the stones will increase by multiple folds. When the coefficient of expansion of the stone is less than that of glass, the tangential stress around the stone is in tension state. Crack propagation with stone is very easy to occur.

2. Defects such as scratches, explosions and deep explosion edges are easily formed on the surface of glass due to improper processing or operation, resulting in stress convergence or self-explosion of tempered glass.