Differences between tempered glass and ordinary glass

2021-05-20 1100

Glass is a very old building material, which appeared as early as ancient Egypt. With the common development of human society, glass profession invented various kinds of glass with unique functions, which gradually increased the types of glass, such as bullet-proof glass, photoelectric glass, vacuum glass and so on, all playing an irreplaceable role in their respective areas. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the difference between ordinary glass and tempered glass.

Many people know that there are general glass and toughened glass, but the difference between them is not very clear. Let's take a look.

As toughened glass breaks, the debris breaks into uniform particles and does not penetrate the knife-like corners of the glass. It is then called safety glass and is widely used in automobiles and interior decoration.

In the home, the sharp knife-like sharp angle after glass breakage is very simple to cut children or impactors, resulting in personal injury. The primary difference between toughened glass and ordinary glass is that glass breaks into small particles or knives. But in engineering inspection, it is undoubtedly unrealistic to choose such destructive inspection at all times.

So how do you know if you bought tempered glass?

This also has to be analyzed from the principle of tempered glass production, tempered glass is the general annealed glass first cut into the required scale, then heated to the nearest softening point, and then rapid and uniform cooling. The surface of tempered glass forms uniform compressive stress, while the interior constitutes tensile stress, which greatly improves the function of glass. The tensile strength is more than three times of that of the latter and the impact resistance is more than five times of that of the latter.